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ARPT Headquarters, Mario Cucinella Architects, desert architecture, algeria, natural ventilation, bioclimatic design

Mario Cucinella Architects’ new ARPT Headquarters is a landmark building that combines tradition and modernity. The design was inspired by the desert, and it has been carefully oriented and positioned with relation to the sun’s path. Resembling a sand dune, the building is shaped like a rounded mound with a peak that slopes off dramatically to one side. It appears as though it was formed by the wind and sand. The building’s form was also inspired by traditional Mediterranean architecture, which can be seen in its pointed arch.

The building will be prominently located along a highway next to the new Bab Ezzouar urban park. Beside its civic improvements, the bioclimatic building will use natural ventilation to keep cool. The ARPT building diverts hot winds with a shielded convex northern facade. Meanwhile, the southern concave facade collects cooler breezes from the south at night and encourages natural ventilation.

Via Bustler

Images ©Mario Cucinella Architects