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Somerville-based Matt Kaliner lectures on urban sociology at Harvard University. And in his free time, he builds elaborate sandcastles.

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Matt explained the genesis of his hobby to The Artery. “I was trying to make a sandcastle and I think I put a stick in it for structure and I thought: Why don’t I just start with a stick?”

His contemporary land art pieces comprise a driftwood skeleton, some string and a Gothic body made from “dripping” sand. He first builds a structure from wood, secures it with string and anchors it in the sand. He then mixes sand and water in a bucket and starts dripping the sand onto the structure with his fingers until it sticks to the wood.

Want to learn how to make your own dripping sandcastles? Read this, or watch the video above.

+ Matt Kaliner

Via The Artery

All photos by Matt Kaliner