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The building’s LED RGB lighting lights up inside a double layer of nebular gradient silkscreened ETFE and the printed texture gradients the opacity of the skin to control sunlight and lighting. By controlling the intensity and the RGB gradients of the LEDs, the skin creates “Energy Flow in Motion”. If that is difficult to understand (I’ll admit I had trouble), this animated video by Sanzpont will help you visualize how the process would work. In the meantime, Sanzpont isn’t all about technology. They also understand the importance of urban green spaces, which is why they’ve proposed for the opera house to be completely passable.

As an extension of the city’s parks, just about every horizontal area of the building’s exterior surface becomes a fun path to walk along: the green roof, the terraces, and the four plazas. Rainwater is harvested here too and is then used in the bathroom facilities, while greywater is eventually treated and reused for landscape irrigation. Nothing goes to waste. The gargantuan green roof also helps to keep the building cool, and provides much needed oxygen. This project not only stretches the limits of our imagination, but it also gives back to the natural environment in which it will hopefully be built. Check out our other Sanzpont Arquitectura projects like this shape-shifting bridge for even more mind-blowing architecture experiences!

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