To illustrate how different two people’s lives can be in the big city, Italian artist Nathalie Alony has hand-crafted a cross-section of urban apartment scenes inside empty sardine cans. “Home Sweet Home” also shows us that we are more connected than we think, especially when you realize how many “strange” behaviors are present in some lives. While her work features a strong sexual theme, there are also plenty of mundane scenes that demonstrate’s life’s quieter moments.

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Some of the dioramas include a mother looking after her child, a man redecorating, a couple sharing a bath, a family playing cards, and more. As described on her website, “All these different lives, different stories, different histories and futures, all that intimacy, condensed between four walls, one next to the other, in little apartments, little boxes that each of us call home.” We’ve included a few of the sardine cans that are safe for work in the gallery, but you can visit Alony’s website if you want to see the more secretive side of people’s lives.

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For those who really enjoyed the idea, the artist also created a continuation of the sardine can theme called “Il Parlemento Infernale.” It’s a work about the Italian Parliament, which has been arranged in accordance with the infernal circles, as taken from Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy.” The result is an arrangement that features fairly inconsequential sins on one side, gradually progressing to the more self-indulgent, violent, and malicious.

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Images by Nathalie Alony