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The design brief called for a home for a couple that could accommodate family on the weekends. Whilst compact enough to drive down the road if the situation calls for it, the interior is surprisingly compact, even boasting something of a small loft. Beech was used liberally both for the interior and exterior, while stainless steel was incorporated for a clean look that is also resistant to moisture and climate changes.

During the day, the minimalist 63 square meter boat home is flooded with daylight that can be managed by remote-controlled wooden shutters that also help with privacy, while at night, LED lighting throughout the boat enhances energy efficiency. A fireplace and floor heating panels keep the boat warm during winter, and superior thermal insulation ensures that no heat can escape as waste. Albeit too costly for most people, this gorgeous floating design throws the tired old box home concept out with the water.

+ Milan Řídký

Via Arch Daily

Photos © Richard Navara