Bike lovers, get excited! The sustainable Schwinn Vestige will be hitting stores at the end of July! Introduced at Eurobike 2010, the recyclable and organic flax fiber bike will soon be a consumer reality. This elegant set of wheels makes biking (a green method of transportation) even more eco-friendly just in time for summer!

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Painted with water soluble paint, the entire bike frame is made of 80% biodegradable flax. Since flax is naturally translucent, Schwinn installed a lighting system powered by the front wheel, which illuminates when in motion, creating a tortoise shell glow. Flax is also durable and lightweight, making the bike easy to transport up and down stairs. The Vestige is outfitted with sustainable, attractive bamboo grips and fenders, in a fitting natural hue. The bike’s tires also include a unique recycled insert, made by Schwalbe.

Since it is made from organic materials, the Vestige’s production has a decreased carbon footprint. And being recyclable, the bike has lower impact on the environment should the owner wish to scrap it.

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Via Cool Hunting