Scientists just announced that they’ve found a great new use for used cooking oil — and it doesn’t have anything to do with a VW bus. They’ve figured out how to turn the waste from your favorite greasy foods into a “bio-coating” for roofs that regulates temperature in hot and cold weather. Previously, temperature control roofs only worked to cool buildings — paint your roof white and it doesn’t absorb heat. The unique chemical properties of the new coating allow it to reflect light in the summer and then change roles in the winter to retain heat.

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The lead scientist on the project, Ben Wen, Ph.D., is the vice-president of United Environment & Energy LLC in Horsehead, New York. The team manipulated used cooking oil into a non-toxic, unscented and non-flammable coating that can be created in any color from clear to black.

In addition, the substance can be manipulated so that it is in tune with different climates. The scientists are able to control the polymer so that it changes from reflection to insulation mode at different temperatures. Wen believes the coating could be ready for commercial use in 3 years. So don’t grab a deep fryer and coat your shingles just yet — you should be able to get the real thing soon.

+ United Environment & Energy

Via TG Daily