According to scientists, the Jersey Shore is in some hot water –  and this time it has nothing to do with Snooki or The Situation. Studies show that the entire stretch of east coast beach is slowly sinking due to rising water levels, and global warming is the culprit. The area’s Long Beach Island has been identified as the highest risk location, but some researchers say the whole shore could be underwater in just 40 years.

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Scientists have been measuring water levels at the Jersey Shore this summer, and have noticed that the beaches are slowly eroding away. Locals are also aware of the shrinking shorelines, even asking the Long Beach Township Mayor to get involved and enforce new beach laws.

“We know that ice sheets are melting now. We do know that the temperatures will contribute to rising sea levels and we do know that the Jersey shore, Delaware shore, and the Maryland shore are also sinking,” Ken Miller, a Rutgers Earth and Planetary Science professor told the local news.

Area residents and summer transplants have been busily adding height to sand dunes and trying to replenish shoreline sand in an effort not to lose their summer getaways, but if climate change continues steadily on the path its been traveling on, those efforts will all be in vain.

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