House in Lubliniec 2, Dyrda Fikus Architekci, sculptural architecture, dark exterior, polyurethane facade, residential architecture, family home, skylights, daylit house

The building’s exterior walls are sprayed with a polyurethan layer that gives it a stealth-like quality that, because of the diverse urban surroundings, actually achieves the opposite. The house stands out amidst the more traditional and less considered architecture. While the layout is almost square-shaped, the volume is topped with a hipped roof recessed towards the garden to visually separate the house from the adjacent properties.

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The dark exterior is contrasted by an almost completely white interior. The bright and spacious rooms get enough natural light thanks to the large skylight. The only sign of decoration is the vintage chandelier that gives warmth to the space and creates an interesting interplay between minimalist design of the space and contrasting details.

+ Dyrda Fikus Architekci

Via Archdaily

Photos by Bartłomiej Osiński