Add this case to the list of selfish and oblivious tourists terrorizing an animal for their own entertainment. This week, a poor sea turtle was dragged onto a beach in Lebanon by people seeking a photo op, joining the ranks of the baby dolphin killed earlier this year and the shark just last week. Luckily, the turtle did not die, though it was injured, and has been taken in by a local animal protection organization to recovery from injuries.

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The scene took place on Havana Beach in Beirut, where a loggerhead sea turtle was dragged out of the sea and, at some point, beaten with a stick. Beachgoers took photographs and one family even made their child stand on the turtle’s back. Animals Lebanon was contacted and able to come rescue the sea creature before more harm could be done. Jason Mier, the organization’s executive director, stated, “Luckily, other people were there who did care and stopped this and helped get the turtle to a safe area.”

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The rescuers noticed a dent in the turtle’s head, where sea water had started to seep into the bone. Two veterinarians concluded that the injury was sustained recently, most likely from its abusive encounter on the beach. The turtle is currently being rehabilitated by Animals Lebanon, where it is receiving antibiotics to prevent infection. In a few weeks the turtle should be ready to return to the sea.

Via The Dodo

Images via Pixabay, screenshot