The typical seed bomb explodes in slow motion — the ball of compost, mud, and seeds dissolves as the plants sprout and colonize the bomb site. These flower grenades from suckUK explode very literally. The outer shell of unfired clay shatters upon impact, leaving a fodder of soil and flower seeds! Now guerilla gardening comes with the delicious crunch of destruction.

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The grenades are based on an art project by Tony Minh Nguyen and are manufactured with Snowhome for Suck UK. The mini-booms of goodness come in ryegrass, buttercup and poppy. They can’t be shipped overseas (only within the UK), which is just as well, since their cost plus shipping makes them a pretty pricey form of rebellion.

It feels like seed bombs, as a cultural catalyst, have come full circle: from humble ecological tool to high-tech gardentime plaything. Still, with all the seed projectiles: guns, capsules, balloons, and chunks of earthly love, we can’t help but wonder what explosive impact guerilla gardening will have on the global landscape. Says Nguyen: “Designers are ultimately the ones that determine how products respond to our environment.

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