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For the past 7 years, Costas Schuler has been collecting old pens to add to his collection and cover his car in them. The 1981 Mercedes Benz now has over 10,000 pens covering it and is still running with over 272k miles on it. Amazingly, the art car is Schuler’s only car and he drives it everywhere. The Pen Guy often takes the car to festivals, parades, and other events to show off his car and encourage people to send him more old pens. Pens are donated from schools, business, thrift shops and by mail from all over the country and the world.

The idea for his project came out of the blue after he realized that millions of pens were being discarded into the landfill. Rather than just throw them away, he’s recycling them into new art projects. And until there’s a better solution for what to do with dead pens, he’s going to keep collecting them. He’s hoping to collect 1 million pens and will use them to create new art projects, Pentings, and maybe even Pentopia, a magical world of pens. If you want to help The Pen Guy out, you can send him your dead pens via mail, or drop them off at designated locations in the Santa Rosa, CA area.

Via RecycleArt

Images ©The Pen Guy