As the climate crisis worsens by the minute, it is more important now than ever to report on the issues that both plague and benefit our world. Inhabitat has long been a steward in reporting the latest environmental happenings, but we need your help in order to further strengthen our reporting and keep readers informed with the latest news.

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Whether you are an environmental non-profit organization, a company trying to do its part for the planet, a citizen concerned about the Earth’s future, a scientist, a conservationist or anything in between, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us with the latest information related to the environment, sustainability, green technology, etc. 

To help us post the most relevant, accurate news, please include any fact sheets, published research, accompanying images and/or contacts for interviews as well as any other related sources and documents for us to review in your tip email.

Please note that we will thoroughly review and fact-check each news tip and reach out for more information if we decide to publish a tip.

It is important to Inhabitat to fairly and accurately report the news and inform audiences of what is helping and hurting our planet. We are working to report original, exclusive content as much as possible, and your help is extremely valuable. We appreciate every news tip, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please submit tips and relevant, related material for review to [email protected]

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