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The award-winning home occupies a small plot in the dense neighborhood of Seongbuk-dong. It’s located in an alley that winds down a hill, so Bang By Min designed a rising series of outdoor spaces and terraces on different levels. The minimalist building is made from simple materials like concrete and wood.

The basement and first floor are partially submerged due to the alley’s varying height. Because of this Oh designed expansive glass curtains to let in daylight and installed a courtyard and sunken garden to provide natural ventilation. The first floor residence is connected to the outside, and full of fresh air and sunlight. The basement area was designed as a commercial space and is occupied by a beauty shop.

In order to unify the three generations, the second floor was designed as a multi-use living room with removable partitions that can be adjusted to provide more private or communal space. Different levels within the second floor provide private areas for each family member to utilize.

In addition to focusing on natural ventilation and daylighting, Oh topped the innovative home with a skylight and a green roof which insulates the interior while providing the family with a private park with a bird’s-eye view of the neighborhood.

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