At first glance it may look like a cyber-robotic monster is eating the historical district of this lovely Italian city, but in reality it’s the roof of a new energy-generating walkway in Perugia, Italy. The ‘Energy Roof’, designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au is powered by both the wind and the sun and serves as the canopy of a gallery that explores important archeological sites around the city.

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Historical documents show that in this part of Perugia (below Piazza Giacomo Matteott) an old etruscan city wall exists, which is important historically as well as archeologically. The University of Perugia is working on a research project to present the history of Perugia to the public, and Coop Himmelb(l)au is helping the University with the project by creating a canopy along Via Mazzini and assisting wit the archeological excavation site below. The ‘Energy Roof’ will serve as the entrance to the underground public gallery space exhibiting the history of Perugia. The passageway also serves to connect a nearby metro station to the city center.

The Energy Roof is self-sufficient and is powered by both the wind and the sun. The west wing of the canopy is covered in transparent solar cells, which are oriented to optimize energy production. The east wing captures the wind and generates energy through five wind turbines placed within the structure of the canopy. It is certainly a crazy looking architectural addition to the city, but it’s really quite creative and serves as an example for other cities to incorporate renewable energy generation into architectural icons and urban scultpures.

Via Designboom