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Shane Hope, 3D Printed Art, 3d printing, winkleman gallery, nanomaterials, 3d art

Shane Hope‘s recent works explore technology, materials and art and questions whether or not we can really predict what the future will bring. He wonders how our progeny will use the things we create or if they’ll merely scrap them for parts for their new creations. Hope uses molecular modeling software to create custom code and algorithms that generates new molecular designs. These nano-sized models get upscaled into slightly larger versions, big enough to see with the human eye, but still pretty little. Then the objects get 3D printed on one of his many RepRap machines in colorful shades of PLA, which is a plastic derived from corn starch. With a large collection of these nano-bits, he then collages them onto an acrylic substrate.

It may be completely fictional, all these bits, tubes, helixes and spheres all jumbled together, but the result is fascinating. A nanoscopic world blown up to a size we can see. His latest works, “Nano-Nonobjective-Oriented Ontographs”, “Qubit-Built Quilts”, “Post-Scarcity Percept-Pus Portraits” and “Scriptable-Scalable Species-Tool-Beings,” are dizzy with detail and will have you questioning your very own makeup.

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Images ©Etienne Frossard