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Bao'an Stadium, GMP Architekten, eco stadium, bamboo, stadium, shenzhen, universiade 2011

Located in the Bao’an District, the new stadium was designed as a perfect circle to fit within the urban space without any specific orientation. Access into the stadium can be gained from almost every direction and the structure fits snuggly in between another sports arena and a swimming pool. The design of the stadium was inspired by the bamboo forests of southern China, an aspect that is reflected in the facade. Large, green colored steel poles installed in varying angles create the exterior of the stadium and provide structural support for the roof membrane. The poles serve as a visual reminder of nature and filter daylight into the space but do not block a visual sight line from outside in or from inside out.

GMP Architekten paid particular attention to the efficient use of materials when designing and constructing the stadium’s roof. They selected a membrane roof because it was one of the most efficient ways to cover the seating areas across such a large span. The membrane roof is held up by 36 pairs of cables that are pretensioned by a circular double tension ring held above the pitch. The result of the membrane roof and the facade of the bamboo-like poles is that the stadium has a very open atmosphere. A flat podium around the stadium allows free circulation and easy access to the tiered seating inside looking down on the submerged field in the center.

Images ©Christian Gahl