Berlin-based Osaka-born designer Shigeki Yamamoto has created a small maple light called the Spiellampe (Lamp game) that brings back the joy of playing with building blocks as a child. The highly adjustable light stands 20 inches tall, and it can easily be changed for different lighting situations. Long-lasting, handmade, and fun to use, the Spiellampe brightens any room with a playful touch of functional design.

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Shigeki Yamamoto terms his work ‘high humour design’ – he creates surprising everyday objects from simple wooden shapes. Yamamoto’s high-quality limited edition objects stand against mass production and conspicuous consumption. Promoting respect and the conscious use of everyday objects, Yamamoto’s designs are certainly unique – and they’re sure to lighten up anybody’s imagination.

+ Shigeki Yamamoto

Photo © Shigeki Yamamoto