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L'aquila Paper Concert Hall, Shigeru Ban, temporary concert hall, earthquake, japan, italy, paper tube architecture

The concert hall, built from steel, glass, cardboard, concrete and clay sacks, seats 230 people inside an oval shaped room, which is set inside another structure. The exterior structure is square in volume with a simple pyramid roof held up by 44 pillars and enclosed with accordion doors that totally open the space up. A large red curtain surrounds the inner sanctum hiding the structural supports.  Totally temporary, the 700 sq meter concert hall can be dismantled and transported for use in another location.

Ban’s latest project is part of the reconstruction efforts for the Alfredo Casella Conservatory and cost about €620,000, mostly funded by Japan. Construction began on the concert hall back in 2010 and involved the help of university students from L’Aquila and Harvard and Keio universities. The project officially opened on May 7th succeeding in its goal of providing a concert hall that was easy to assemble and durable for an early resumption of musical activities in the city.

Via Designboom