The roads in Bellingham, WA are paved with…toilets?  Greenroads, a sustainable roadway rating system awarded its first official greenway in the state of Washington for a sidewalk incorporating recycled toilets. The crushed porcelain, called “potiecrete,” was developed by Freeman Anthony and the City of Bellingham.

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Over 400 old porcelain toilets were set to be replaced in a local non-profit, so Anthony was inspired to put the massive amount of commodes to good use. Anthony worked with a ready-mix concrete company that pulverized and mixed the five tons of toilets into the wet concrete, which makes up a large portion of the sidewalk. The greenway also utilized an additional 80 tons of recycled concrete, totaling 30 percent in recycled content.

The toilet trail earned Bellingham a Greenroads Silver Certification, which the organization likens to the architectural LEED rating.  The rating system was developed at the University of Washington as an incentive for city construction to take advantage of recycled materials when revamping roads and sidewalks.

The Greenroads certification process was finally unveiled in 2010, after a series of studies and data collection by the Greenroads Foundation. Three more roads are slated to be certified in the coming months, with twelve current projects under contract across the western and central United States. The foundation is partnering with other organizations around the world in hopes to establish a widely accepted Greenroad evaluation and accreditation system.

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