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Bossi’s artistic pavilion unites stone, wood, water, and air. Visitors can step along the stone path that floats upon a reflecting pool in the middle of a vast green field. At the end of the path, a large square stone patio contains a number of wooden boards jutting into the sky like minimalist trees. Their various heights and spacing resemble a peaceful forest, where people may either sit and relax or run and play throughout the landscape. The reflecting pool echoes the sky as the clouds float above the installation. The wood beams, in turn, reach toward the treetops as if they are holding up the sky themselves.

One main criterion for the 260MQ competition was to create a space that was functional as well as beautiful. Bossi’s pavilion is not only a meditative space but can also hold public performances for both music and theatre. Sonatascan bounce off the wood boards while actors can maneuver a unique story around the stone steps and reflecting pools. The installation will be on view until the end of the summer, when Bossi will surely wow us with another new project!

+ Simone Bossi

via ArchDaily

Images © Simone Bossi