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Armadillo House, Formwerks, biomimicry, armadillo, Singapore, architecture, noise pollution, privacy

The two-and-a-half-story corner terrace house is located just across the street from a busy expressway. From the beginning of its design, both the family and the architects were worried about noise, pollution, and privacy. Instead of erecting an unsightly fence to block out possibly intrusions (along with the sun), the designers decided to take their inspiration from the armadillo.

The house features upper shells that form a shielding surface from direct light. Mechanical fans from the upper levels pull the cooler air from the ground floor upward. This unique shell tactic blocks out noise and dust, and creates the feeling of privacy without shutting out the natural light or building an unpleasant wall.

The Armadillo House was recently awarded the Honorable Mention in the 12th SIA Design Award. It is also shortlisted in the World Architecture Festival 2012 for the first time in Singapore.

+Formwerks Architects

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