This incredible pixelated skyscraper by Singapore-based Design Act was a finalist in a competition to design a pavilion for the World Expo 2010. Entitled “My Dream, Our Vision”, the project uses permutated cubes to generate a spectacular modular sculpture that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Singapore as an efficient, dynamic, cosmopolitan, and forward-looking nation.

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Simultaneously futuristic and traditional, the Singapore spirit 新 (xin, mandarin word for “new”) serves as a key metaphor for Design Act’s entry, which envisions Singapore as a progressive, re-inventive and innovative place.

The pavilion takes the form of an illuminated digital cloud hovering over an ever-changing “green” pasture. It invites you to enter a dark underground space with audio feeds alluding to the background services which serve the city, and catapults you into the bright and white digital cloud, where you are encouraged to post your dreams. Made of 3866 cubes of modular sizes with varying levels of transparency, the pavilion makes excellent use of natural light and is strategically sloped at the base to give visitors full view of the sights on display.

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