A new bike-powered generator can help cyclists power their lives, “one pedal at a time”. The Siva Cycle Atom clips directly to your bike and harnesses your pedal-pushing energy, storing it in a rechargeable battery. Urban bikers can easily power their devices on the go by connecting them to a usb cord. Cyclists can nab their Atom by supporting the creators’ Kickstarter campaign.

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The Siva Cycle Atom can be used to power up a battery for later use, or directly charge your smart phone while you ride to work. The generator itself is made up of magnetic rotors and lithium batteries made locally in the United States of America. As you peddle your way around town, the kinetic energy you generate is converted to electrical power, to be used for your favorite devices.

The lightweight Atom also doesn’t obstruct the cyclist, taking up as much space and weight as a banana.  It also installs without tools, right to a bike’s rear axle. A fully powered battery (after a day of biking!) can generate as much power to charge a totally dead iPhone to 70% capacity! It is also water resistant for riding in the rain or harsh weather.

Aside from giving green power at your fingertips, Siva Cycle is also committed to giving back to the community. For every ten Atom chargers sold, Siva will donate one to a community in need of free, off the grid energy. Early backers can snag their own, which is anticipated to go into production in the Fall.

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