E-bike maker HOVSCO has released a new bike with electric assist called the HovRanger line. HovRanger has a range of utility e-bikes that are less expensive than some others in the HOVSCO lineup. This line specifically includes a mountain bike and a sturdy commuter.

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The Hovranger e-bike in gray.

The HovRanger electric bike range comes with two styles of frame, a step-through and step-over. The line also has four jewel-toned color options to choose from: gray, green, rose and blue. The bikes have hydraulic disc brakes, a custom geared-hub motor and an integrated battery that gives the bikes a streamlined appearance. It looks pretty similar to a standard commuter or mountain bike, but at $1,799 it’s significantly cheaper than a lot of e-bikes with added assist motor.

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The circular front light of the Hovranger.

HovRanger e-bikes have front and rear lights, five levels of assist and a backlit LCD display. As for range, expect 40-60 miles of assist depending on the level of assist you use while pedaling. Bikes with more than three levels of assist tend to be better at helping you get up hills without breaking a sweat. They also offer a range of benefits to different types of riders.

An LCD display attached to the e-bike.

Manufactured by SUTTO, a branch of Bafang, the 500-watt hub-mounted motor can push the bike to a top speed of 20 miles per hour on the assist power. For flat roads, riders can choose to limit their speed to 28 miles per hour while pedaling so they don’t end up with too much assist. The battery is detachable for convenient charging, using a USB port to charge in 5 hours.

One of the Hovranger 27.5 inch wheels.

The other HovRanger with a step-through frame is billed as a commuter bike, but we love the sturdy build that matches the mountain bike version. Both versions of the new bike line come with a two-year warranty and 15-day return. They’re the same size at 27.5 inches and both have a 720Wh Samsung/LG battery with flashlight.

If you’re interested in this utility-rich e-bike, take a look at the HovRanger line on HOVSCO’s website.


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Images via HOVSCO