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Designed by local artist and sculptor Mikael Genberg, Utter Inn sits on its own private floating island in Lake Vasteras near Stockholm. The journey to The Utter Inn (which means Otter in Swedish), begins with a one kilometer ride on an inflatable boat to the middle of the lake. Guests are either left to their solitude, or they have the option to be brought dinner by boat later in the evening.

Inside the white gabled structure, guests can relax in the sitting room or climb down the hatch into the submarine-like sleeping quarters. Ten feet below the surface, guest can literally sleep with the fishes, who are visible through panoramic submarine windows. The windows turn the inn into a reverse aquarium, with humans sleeping inside while fish watch outside.

While relaxing on the private resort, guests can sunbathe on the wrap-around decks, watch for fish, go for a swim, or take out an inflatable canoe to explore nearby uninhabited islands. The 270 square foot escape can be rented for $165 a night.

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