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Only 86 mm thick, the rooftop RAcell PVT system developed specifically for FOLD also covers a hot water system placed directly beneath it. The overall framing is thin too, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t strong. How did the team from Denmark achieve this? They constructed sandwich slabs that have Kerto wood on both sides and Rockwool in between them, and then a layer of high-insulating Rockwool Aerowolle was mounted on either side of the whole sandwich so that no heat can escape.

FOLD’s structural spine, or what the students call the “brain” of the house, is held in one prefabricated container. This core is comprised of the bathroom, toilet, technical room and kitchen, while the other side of the open plan house is fit for contemporary living. Fans will be happy to know that there is an even a LEGO wall panel in the study area adjacent to the kitchen. Outside a lovely deck expands the interior space, rounding out what is a comfortable, well-lit and ventilated home that people from all walks of life will enjoy.

+ FOLD by Team DTU

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