This Sliced Stable in the Netherlands is a little piece of community space set on a farm that is destined to become forested land again. Part of an art experience by Dutch design studio Overtreders W, the project is a vision for a community gathering place with an agricultural bent. Spotted over at Designboom, the simple, wistful structure is part of an exhibit called The Woods That See and Hear, and it consists of a kitchen and tables with a look-out seat rising above the din.

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Set in the Dutch countryside in the North Brabant region, the temporary building is designed like an open stable — or a literal slice of a much larger barn. The traditional post and beam skeleton is skinned in what looks to be fabric. As a lighthearted gathering space to drink a beer, share a meal and tell some jokes, the intimate but open project has certain nostalgic qualities, and the reused seating definitely hearkens from a time past.

Kitchens are natural gathering places within homes, so bringing this one out into the open air makes the outdoors more homey. Sliced Stable makes space to celebrate and contemplate before nature takes back the land.

Overtreders W also designed The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke pavilion we recently featured.

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Via Designboom