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Using the existing landform to their advantage, JMD Design created a series of sweet worm holes and slides, some that are quite steep, along with a 12 meter high treehouse tower that overlooks the Parramatha River. Albeit completely in line with Australia’s playground regulations, this three hectare facility comes with a few risks. But that’s healthy, we think. When did we start denying children the right to fall down and hurt themselves while abandoning themselves to total outdoor bliss?

Other attractions include a sand pit that allows kids to dig in the dirt to their heart’s content, climbing nets and walls, and a fun water play area complete with water jets of varying intensity. And the adults have options too. They can enjoy a peaceful meal, learn about the park’s long history, take a walk, or ride a bicycle on the trails. Of course, we’re just as happy searching for worms in the nearby forest, if one can be found, but this reclaimed land provides a wonderful retreat for urbanites who still want their children to have a taste of outdoor life.

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Via Contemporist

Photography by Brett Boardman