This cute canine has cracked the code on the Seattle Metro Transit bus routes. Two-year-old Eclipse, a black Labrador mix, boards alone and then hops off when the bus reaches her stop: the local dog park.

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Eclipse and her human companion, Jeff Young, have been making the bus trip to the dog park a few times a week since she was a pup. Young’s clever pooch is so eager to get to the dog park, though, that she sometimes boards the bus without him. This downtown dog has places to go.

It first happened one day when Young wasn’t ready when the bus arrived. “She gets on the bus without me, and I catch up with her at the dog park,” said Young.

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Apparently, her doggie memory is quite sharp. On the days when Eclipse rides the bus alone, fellow commuters observe her looking out the window throughout the trip so that she can recognize her stop, which is just a few stops from her front door.

The bus drivers and passengers don’t seem to mind, though. Eclipse’s wagging tail is a welcome sight on the Metro. Man’s best friend might be the dog, but perhaps dog’s best friend is actually public transportation.

Via KOMO News

Images via KOMO News.