If you thought only the future held a sleek tabletop able to cook, warm, and chill your food, well, welcome to the future. Kram/Weisshaar’s Smartslab table features ceramic panels with integrated heating and cooling elements that can be easily be operated using sensor technology. The world’s most innovative dinner party feature may make multi-appliance kitchens a thing of the past.

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Smartslab material was developed for Iris Ceramic Group using a cutting edge, 6 millimeter-thick ceramic tile called SapienStone. Underneath the slab are induction heating rings for cooking food right on the tabletop, as well as circular warming elements to keep food at a toasty 42.5 degrees Celsius temperature. The table is also equipped with thermoelectric cooling components, meant to keep your glass of water or bottle of bubbly nice and chilled.

The designers at Kram/Weisshaar assure users that the table is safe to use and keeps your food and drink at the perfect temperatures. Clemens Weisshaar states, “You need 42.5 degrees Celsius, not more not less. You can put your hand on it and it won’t burn you. With the cooling you need minus five degrees Celsius to keep a glass of water or a bottle of sparkling wine cool.”

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The new technology hints at the possibility of someday incorporating Smartslab design into future kitchens, eliminating the need for expensive and bulky appliances. If all heating and cooling tools could be rolled into one sleek and easy-to-clean unit the modern kitchen could quickly become retro. Further investigation into the innovation’s environmental cost will have to take place before then, but we can still dream.


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Images via Jürgen Schwope