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The geometry of Snøhetta’s Busan Opera House twists and bends in a way to open the flowing public entrances around the building, while still accommodating the programmatic elements in the building. Just as the trigram dictates, the building lifts to meet the sea and sky, while being solidly fixed to the ground.

The compact nature of the building provides the client with an economic and sustainable solution for the site. The sustainable elements of the project provide for the building to have a sustainable long-term maintenance plan for the building. Snøhetta brings their wealth of knowledge of previously designed public buildings in Oslo, which seemingly represent a modern relationship between the opera, the user, and the public. The typology that they have presented lends itself to expand the inviting and open participation of the building at an entrance level. This helps to present an urban context that is friendly to the general public and encourages social activity.

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