This gorgeous experimental house in Norway can produce twice the energy it consumes! Designed by Snøhettafor the Research Center on Zero Emission Buildings, the building demonstrates the latest sustainable technologies and proves that houses can go beyond their own energy needs to produce additional electricity for the grid.

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The angle of the slanted roof was determined to provide an optimal position and absorb sun throughout the year, and to help naturally ventilate the house. Instead of working with electric equipment and sensors, the architects focused on natural ventilation. In order to avoid the use of shades, the architects decided to bring natural light into the house by creating a large atrium. Several systems for heating and hot water will be tested as the house operates and will provide necessary data so that the team can measure and analyze which is most efficient. Thanks to the extra heat emanating from the house, the outdoor pool can stay warm, and there is even enough energy to provide for an electric car.

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The house, similar to “plus houses” that have been mushrooming throughout Norway, takes the technology further and contributes to the debate on how to handle the extra power they create. Another 700 to 800 similarly designed homes are in development in Bergen.

+ Snøhetta

+ The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings