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As New York’s population booms, more and more land becomes devoted to rising residential towers to house newcomers. With this influx of locals, the demand for goods grows exponentially, contrasted by a growing lack of space for industrial businesses and factories. Inspired by the new residential towers that are popping up around the boroughs, Beattie’s design will also take factories upward.

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Arranged along the coast of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the 21 towers would act as an archipelago of industry, interconnected with highways and train lines. Each tower could support 103,950 square feet of manufacturing space, allowing 52 to 81 small industries and creating 1,000 jobs per tower for incoming New Yorkers. The towers would be encased with an exoskeleton structural system which allows for maximum space inside.

By reclaiming much of the production market share lost to countries overseas, Made in New York would keep a growing New York sustainable for the future. Transportation costs for importing goods would help strengthen the dollar, while the presence of manufacturing towers would meet future demands without issue.

+ Stuart Beattie

+ 2015 eVolo Skyscraper Competition