Kreatif Design launched the world’s most affordable solar-powered catamaran. They aim to revolutionize maritime transport on the Great Lakes of Africa with an emissions-free vessel for the local population.

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A catamaran with a solar panel overhang

“What Ford’s Model T [did] on the roads in the USA back in the beginning of 20th century, the solar-powered catamaran will do in the 21st century on African lakes,” the designers said.

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A catamaran with a solar panel overhang

Founded by experts from a variety of creative fields, Kreatif Design merges people who want to set new trends and new ideas.

“We solve problems [in an interdisciplinary fashion] and invite in-house and external experts to contribute to the final design by sharing their ideas, as well as hesitations, regarding the drafts of our initial solutions,” designers said. “We believe that design should not only be aesthetic, but also logical, which is why we strive to intertwine two objectives in a synergistic relationship in all our designs.”

A catamaran with a solar panel overhang

An advanced hydropower company from Rwanda approached Kreatif Design to design a vessel that significantly improves the way of life for the people around the Malawi, Victoria, Tanganyika and Kivu Lakes. As a result, the solar-powered catamaran was designed.

A catamaran with a solar panel overhang

These four lakes are a total of 33,000 square kilometers and inhabited by more than 2,000 species of animals. The lakes also provide food for millions of people in the region. Up to 691,000 people fish for their living in these lakes, catching more than 1 billion fish per year. Additionally, the lakes are crucial for transporting people and goods. 

In order to solve this problem, the solar catamaran is six meters long and has a carrying capacity of one ton. The vessel allows the driver to cruise at a speed of six to 12 knots, with a range of 40 kilometers. The boat is not just solar powered, but also has exceptional strength-to-density ratio. This means the boat can absorb a large number of shocks before being damaged. For that purpose, the designers chose polyethylene (HDPE) as the primary build material. It also results in a light vessel.

A solar powered catamaran shot from up top floating in sea of water

Furthermore, the roof has 10 solar panels that contribute up to 4 kilowatt of power. The catamaran doesn’t need more than that. It is similar to a sports car keeping weight down to maximize power-to-weight ratios. Because the catamaran is lightweight, it requires less power. The catamaran also has lithium powerwall batteries, which was popularized by Tesla.

An app called AmaziApp brings the vessel together. It handles navigation, battery and charging optimization, range calculation, optimal speed calibration, sail home function and more.

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