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Wohnhaus Planit C, Comfort Architecten, italy, energy efficient design, solar power, natural daylighting, solar home

The generous family home is organized around a central courtyard, and the different volumes are staggered. The ground floor houses the entrance area, a work room, and a living space oriented towards the atrium. On the next level up, accessed by a wide staircase, is the kitchen and dining area, and above that are the bedrooms of the building. That same level features a small apartment, which is also accessible via an external staircase. At the top level is the master bedroom with an open bathroom and a dressing room. This staggered design makes it possible to guide light into parts of the basement, where the fitness and wellness area is located.

Wohnhaus Planit C was constructed using a hybrid system of concrete and various wooden construction techniques. The basement and part of the first ceiling were executed with reinforced concrete, but the rest was built with wood. Fully insulated XLAM wood components were used for the exterior and interior walls and the ceilings. By using appropriately insulated walls and ceilings, along with 3-way glass and controlled ventilation, the home was able to reach the climate house category “A” using only 22kWh per square meter. On top of  a naturally daylit and energy efficient design, a photovoltaic system at the roof generates sufficient electricity for the home.

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Images ©Günter R. Wett