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The King’s Park educational facility was designed primarily to educate children about sustainability, but its applicable for adults too and the building hosts the occasional public presentation. Run by the Botanic Parks and Gardens Authority, the building features a large planted roof that compensates for the building’s footprint, restoring a small habitat for birds, bees, and various plant species.

Solar-powered and carefully oriented to make the most use of winter sun without blasting the interior with too much heat in summer, the building also boasts superior thermal massing and double glazing. Cross ventilation ensures that the interior environment is comfortable year-round and indoor air quality is optimum for children’s health. A great deal of recycled materials were used in the construction, and LED lighting reduces the building’s overall energy requirement. As a result of these thoughtful interventions, Donaldson + Warn are able to divert approximately 30.2 tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

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