High speed trains are important for long haul travel, but more efficient rail systems are also needed in cities for general commuters. With precisely that in mind, Francisco Lupindesigned this sleek concept train for Bombardier as part of the YouRail Train Interior Design Contest and their line of Eco4 energy saving trains. Lupin’s train is designed for economy commuters within a city and completely rethinks the interior of public transportation. The train is solar powered, made of lightweight materials and utilizes MagLev technology for a fast and energy efficient train.

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Lupin’s super sleek concept is centered around redesigning the interior of trains, but includes a host of upgrades that go beyond the cosmetic. A long bench of seats runs down the middle of the train with floor to ceiling transparent windows and passengers can enter and exit on either side of the eco train and can simply press a button to signal their stop. A projector displays information such as the weather, time or advertisements onto the windows on either side.

Solar panels mounted on the top of the train provide power to help run it, as well as provide lighting and charging stations inside for passengers. The solar panels are mounted so they can automatically rotate in order to maximize solar access. MagLev technology would be utilized for a faster, smoother and more efficient train, while an automatic pilot system guides the train via computer eliminating the need for an operator.

Via Ecofriend