Last month, rumors began swirling about a new Apple car after it was revealed that the company had hired a group of engineers from electric car battery manufacturer A123. In typical Apple fashion, the company hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors, but some new details have surfaced after someone close to the project talked to reporters last week. While there are still few details, we do know two things: first, the new Apple car will be autonomous and second, it will be controlled by that voice that everyone loves to hate: Siri.

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The employee, who requested to remain anonymous, revealed that the technology giant wanted to create a car that would challenge both Tesla’s electric car model and Google’s forthcoming driverless vehicle, and combine the best of both ideas into one incredible car.

But despite the goal to create something entirely new, Apple seems to want to stick with the familiar. According to the source, “Apple doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Instead of creating a new technology to control the vehicle, they want to build off of what they already have.” That existing technology is, of course, the often-maligned virtual assistant Siri. According to the source, some people close to the project were frustrated with Apple’s refusal to move away from their existing technology.

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“Think of all the problems that Apple has had with Siri. Now imagine that it isn’t your phone misbehaving—it’s your car,” the source said. “What if Siri constantly misinterprets your directions and just keeps driving you to the Apple Store?” We can only imagine! For now, we will have to wait on any official word from Apple, and no doubt the design will change many times before it is ready for the masses. Until then, we are doing our best not to picture a world full of panicking drivers heading the wrong way down a one-way street while shouting into their steering wheels.

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