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Both projects draw on the design principles of Loukas Yiacouvakis and Marie-Claude Hamelin, who started their business in the area nearly 20 years ago and promoted the idea of democratic design that everyone can enjoy. This notion of affordable design that is both functional and inspiring has motivated YH2 and Fraternité-sur-Lac to create “ready-to-live,” custom-built houses that blend into the natural environment.

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The resulting collection of residences which are flexible and maintenance-free, were designed specifically for this location. Spahaus units are positioned to keep other chaletsof sight and provide optimal levels of privacy. These house are horizontal and feature a large window in front that offers views of the outdoor spa. The 21 Spahaus units have already found their occupants since their inauguration a few months ago. The Trihaus houses are three-storey structures designed to create a feeling of living amidst the trees and preserve the site’s natural state, including the original trees and the river and trails leading to Lac Supérieur and the Club de la Pointe.

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Photos by Julien Perron-Gagné