Pulgon Diseño unleashed their creative fire on this striking sloping pavilion made out of recycled materials. Representing Spain, the pavilion embodies the Venlo Floriade 2012 horticultural expo’s overall sustainability philosophy. The Dutch festival’s mantra? Use organic products, promote natural diversity and richness, and incorporate the spirit of cradle to cradle design into each new project.

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The temporary pavilion looks as much like a bright and cozy home as it does a showcase of Spain’s most progressive horticultural accomplishments. Apart from the sloping form, which seems to rise from the earth into a gentle rounded pitch that accommodates the interior program, we are mostly impressed with how the designer satisfies the call of C2C design by reconstituting a series of surprising previously-used materials.

Some of the materials used for support, coating and paving include nut shells, trunks taken from burned forests, and planks and beams harvested from demolition sites. Splashes of gentle autumnal color enhance the neutral color of the pavilion, while spunky wooden sculptures bring attention back to the flora, the focal point of the months-long expo. If you’re in the Netherlands, you have until 7 October, 2012 to visit this and other exciting pavilions!

+ Pulgon Diseño

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