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“On Halloween night, journey to the center of the earth and learn about the hair-raising history of this mysterious subterranean labyrinth,” Airbnb writes. “Satisfy your thirst for adventure in the sprawling network of skulls and bones. Next, savor a dazzling culinary experience while enjoying a private concert in the most incredible acoustics under the earth.”

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The Guardian reports Airbnb paid Paris 350,000 euros to privatize the catacombs, which will give the city a much-needed boost that will in turn help future preservation efforts. Human remains were transferred from cemeteries around the city to the catacombs towards the end of the 18th century, the paper writes, because of health concerns.

“It was said that the wine was turning bad and the milk was curdling,” site curator Sylvie Robin told AFP last year.

Now 6 million skeletons are scattered throughout a 1.2-mile section of abandoned underground quarries, along with various plaques and quotes addressing mortality. In other words, it’s a pretty spooky place that attracts around 500,000 visitors each year. I wouldn’t want to sleep there, but if you would, make sure to enter the Airbnb competition before 20 October for your chance.

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Via The Guardian