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An Ekinoid Home is 34 feet in diameter and sits elevated above the ground on supports. Accessed via a spiral staircase, which also doubles as the hydroponic garden, the home provides 2,500 sq ft (239 sq m) of storage and living space – plenty large enough for a family of four. A wind turbine mounted on the top coupled with solar power would provide off-grid energy. Rainwater collected from the exterior is treated and utilized, then greywater is recycled and treated along with blackwater.

The idea is that each home is prefabricated and shipped to the site where only a small crew of unskilled workers is needed to put it together in less than a week. Residents of the new home are then skilled to help new crews build more houses and provide assistance during construction. Since no infrastructure, like water or power lines are needed, the homes could be built almost anywhere even areas that are prone to flooding. The homes can also be built on top of grazing land as they are elevated and animals can pass underneath. While a full-size version has not been constructed, the designers of the Ekinoid project hope to sell the kits at around $78,000 each, which does not include furnishings or the hydroponic system or construction labor.

Their copper model was an experiment in the assembly of the structure and they have since built a smaller clay model that is easier to transport and show off. Construction of the copper model has since informed improvements in the overall design. The Ekinoid Project is currently seeking partnerships and funding to further their research and build a prototype.

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Images ©The Ekinoid Project