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Listed on a real estate site in Finland, this curious Espoo House doesn’t come cheap at €690,000, though admittedly we are not well versed on that country’s current real estate market. But what makes it so curious, apart from its unique curvilinear design, is the funky use of a bizarre material palette on the inside, which includes carpet, shingled interior walls, concrete and gorgeous ceramic tiles.

Heating is supplemented with an earthen fireplace in a swirling living space with seating that lines the curved walls. Large cutouts in the Siberian larch-clad house ensure plenty of daylighting and natural ventilation and the kitchen counters are lined with the most striking white tiles adorned with blue script. A different kind of tile lines a cocoon-like shower in the bathroom, rounding off one of the most unusual homes that has appeared on this site.

Via Contemporist, Lea Jakama Oy