Figuring out what furniture pieces are essential to take your space from a house to a home can be a challenge. With so much out there, the options are practically limitless. But you don’t have to opt for a complete home makeover to take your space from good to great. If you’re not in love with that flooring or those windowsills, wait on those big-ticket items and make an impact with furniture instead! Want to know more? Read on for three furniture pieces that will make you feel more at home than ever.

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The Right Rug

If you’re looking to transform your space, this is the piece you need now. A rug is the key to tying a room together—it can establish a color scheme, add texture and pull together hues from around the room. If your room is clean and modern, choose something with texture in a single shade. If it’s beautifully boho, opt for a colorful conversation piece, and if it’s cool and classic, play with Moroccan-inspired styles that will add warmth. The possibilities are endless—trust us.

A Beautiful Bed

Bedrooms tend to be overlooked when it comes to a home. Most people want to get their living spaces in tip-top shape before even thinking of moving on to a smaller room. Since most of us spend hours unwinding and relaxing in our bedrooms, giving your sleeping quarters the attention it deserves is key. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, so it’s important to create a space that’s the epitome of a no-stress zone. Of all the elements that make up a bedroom, a bed is the most important. A great bed is comfortable, cozy and, of course, on-trend. Besides a relaxing mattress and so-soft sheets, opt for an eye-catching bed style that goes seamlessly with your décor.

An Inviting Couch

There’s nothing that’ll make you feel more at home than a comfy couch. Whether you rely on it as a resting spot during your favorite TV show or enjoy curling up in the corner with a good book, it’s surely a place you’ll frequent on the regular. Since a sofa is a key piece of a room, we recommend steering away from the trends. Instead of opting for colored styles or awkward shapes, stick with upholstered pieces that’ll withstand the test of time. If you’re looking to add a little personality, add some throw pillows with a pop-of-color or print! If you regularly spend time in the living room with friends and/or family, having a space that’s inviting—and spacious enough for a few guests to lounge on—is key, too!

And lastly, let’s not forget those sentimental accessories. Fill your home with vacation memories, family photos and heirloom pieces that’ll bring an instant smile to your face. Your home should be about you, so let the pieces it’s adorned with reflect just that.

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