“Under the Same Roof” is an exciting new design for the Hong Kong Boundary Crossings Facility (HKBCF) that will be located on an artificial island in the Pearl River Delta in Hong Kong. Designed by Paul Mui Kui Chen, Benny Lee Chiu Ming, and Agnes Hung Oi Kee, the structure is a multi-story facility connecting bus terminals and roads with a sprawling roof covered in faceted panels that are semi-transparent to let natural daylight in, while an indoor winter garden serves as a meeting place and a spot to rest for weary travelers.

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The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) will be located at the confluence of the important road network in the Pearl River Delta and is set to be completed around 2015-2016. This strategic area needs a transportation hub to process passengers and cargo entering and exiting Hong Kong, and a recent design competition was held seeking ideas for that location.

Under the Same Roof took first prize in the competition with its large, naturally daylit facility. An indoor winter garden also acts to replenish the air with fresh oxygen improving the air quality of the very busy transportation hub. Algae tubes located mounted on the roof utilize sunlight to create even more oxygen. Meanwhile natural ventilation is facilitated through the stack effect and operable panels to release air and exhaust.

+ Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facility International Design Ideas Competition

Via ArchDaily