A favorite London, sunny day hang out spot, Potters Field Park, has just gotten even better with the addition of these two stunning pavilions designed by socially and environmentally aware architects DSDHA. The pavilions stand either side of the park, one at the foot of Norman Foster’s City Hall and the other beside Tower Bridge, providing refreshments and fantastic views of the river.

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Always keen to use its work to improve quality of life, DSDHA considered the visual and ecological impact of the structures in-depth. The two buildings have been designed to complement each other, as well as providing a contrast to the structures that surround it. The darker of the two is the UK’s first charred timber-clad structure in the UK, created using a technique similar to Japanese Yakisugi. The second building, a café known as Blossom Square Pavilion, is made of stacks of calcified timber and makes use of a green roof. The profits from the café directly fund the upkeep of the park.

The kiosks make up part of Potters Field Park, which forms one percent of Ken Livingstone’s plan to have 100 new public spaces underway by 2012. The regenerated area was designed by Gross Max, taking £2.7 million and 12 months to complete.

Via Yanko Design