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Facing the heavily trafficked Sunset Boulevard, the green PARK sign calls to the passerby. As cars, busses and bicycles passed the enigmatic sign, they couldn’t help but notice, and be left with a green impression. The multi-message installation invites cars to come to park, and come into Local restaurant, which serves sustainable, local produce. But the green sign also brings attention to the need for more green space in the dense urban setting — like in its neighborhood of Silverlake.

The letters themselves, evoking the Hollywood sign in their L.A. context, also bring greenery to the block. The temporary “park” like spaces extended the sidewalk and created a sitting area for pedestrians and restaurant visitors. The sandboxes, ballasted at each letter’s base, attracted children and adults alike. Visitors plunked down in the loungers, sinking their tired feet into the cool sand, while toddlers brought their own sand toys and played in the sandbox.

Standard’s green PARK installation then made the rounds to the ULI Live Conference at the LA Convention center, and will be make a stop at next April’s Durfee Foundation. But rumor has it, Local restaurant owner Jason Michaud was so pleased with the extra space, that the PARK installation may soon call the front of the restaurant its new home.

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