Blank William Star Wars Helmets

The sleek animal helmets are made out of white or black metal, and gold chrome. With the exception of the size, which has to be fitted to size of the large animals’ heads, the helmets follow the Star Wars Stormtrooper exact specifications.

Blank William Star Wars Helmets3

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Although the design is quite detailed, the artist told Fast Co Design that the design process for the helmets was fairly simple. “The source materials, in this case Star Wars, animals, and a dash of samurai helmets and pilot masks, blended easily and so well together,” he says. “The hard work was really done by the designers of the original Stormtrooper helmet (Ralph McQuarrie, Liz Moore, and Nick Pemberton) and by mother nature herself.”

When asked about the proposed statement of his Star Wars-inspired design, William equates the helmets with respect for idols, “It was interesting for me to think that I grew up in a world where my idols were Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Stormtroopers. In another time, animals like Elephants, Hippos, and Rhinos were once revered in the same way. For better or worse, we’ve replaced this reverence of beautiful, powerful animals with these amazing creations of pop culture.”

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