In an attempt to reduce their customers’ waste, Starbucks is introducing a reusable plastic cup for frequent customers. At $1 a pop, the logo-emblazoned plastic cups are shaped like their traditional paper cups, and fit regular plastic lids. The staff will even rinse out the cups with boiling water each time you bring it back, in case your office doesn’t have a kitchen sink.

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Starbucks already rewards their customers for bringing in their own reusable cups by taking 10 cents off their bill each time they bring their own beverage container. But since many still do not bring in their own, the coffee retailer decided to offer another solution, with inexpensive reusable cups. The plastic cups come in their “Venti” size, and have lines marking a grande and tall (that’s large, medium and small in layman’s terms). The reusable cups have been tested in over 600 stores in Starbuck’s native Pacific Northwest, and have been met with praise.

The introduction of these reusable cups is partially in response to mass criticism against the company for their use of disposable cups. Petitions by and other environmental organizations have spurred companies like Starbucks to invoke changes and make plans to become more eco-friendly.

Starbuck’s regular cups may be paper, but their interior wax coating make them difficult to recycle. The new plastic reusable cups are a way to keep cups out of the landfill, while still having the design of a paper cup.

Via Daily Mail